Tenquille Creek Cultural Burn

Please be aware that a cultural burn conducted by the BC Wildfire Service in partnership with the Lil’wat Nation is planned to take place in early to mid-June in the upper Tenquille Creek drainage.

The cultural burn is located in previously harvested cut blocks and will be 14.6 hectares in size. The primary purpose of the burn is to reintroduce cultural fire back on the land in partnership with the Lil’wat Nation; with the goal of enhancing biodiversity, stimulating traditional plant growth and improving wildlife habitat, as well as aid in reducing the overall wildfire risk in the Tenquille Creek watershed.

It is not anticipated this prescribed fire will impact residents due to the remote location of the activity

About cultural & prescribed fire:

Cultural and prescribed fire is the planned and controlled application of fire to a specific land area and is one of the most ecologically appropriate and relatively efficient means for achieving planned public safety and resource management objectives. Cultural burns specifically, are typically implemented at low intensity, with guidance from an Elder or Fire Knowledge Keeper, often in collaboration with inter-ministry partners. Common objectives for cultural burning include but are not limited to cultural and language preservation, fuel mitigation, food and medicinal plant revitalization and habitat enhancement. These fires can take many months to plan and are managed in such a way as to minimize the chance of escape and emission of smoke while maximizing the benefits to the site.

This cultural burn is a resource management open fire as defined by the BC Wildfire Regulation. These fires require the completion of a burn plan, which provides an overview of the project and its objectives. As well, the burn plan identifies potential human, land and resource values that could be affected, and mitigation actions are prescribed. Burn plans also specify the resources, weather and fuel conditions for the project to be safe and successful. Specific ignition, control, mop up and patrol actions are prescribed to prevent the fire from escaping. Post-fire monitoring and actions are identified to ensure no long-term negative impacts to values and site safety. The burn plan is submitted by a forest professional and must be approved by BC Wildfire Service officials and the Natural Resource District Manager. For more information about prescribed fire, please visit: https://prescribedfire.ca

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