Expanded Area Restriction for Bearhole Lake

TUMBLER RIDGE – The BC Wildfire Service has expanded its Area Restriction Order for the vicinity of the Bearhole Lake wildfire (G72178) following sustained aggressive fire behaviour. The size of the area restriction reflects the continued need to protect the public.

This order takes effect at 16:00 (4:00 pm) PDT on September 4, 2022 and remains in force until the earlier of 12:00 (noon) PDT on September 18, 2022 or until it the Order rescinded.

Under this Order and Section 11(2) of the Wildfire Act, a person must not remain in or enter the restricted area unless the person:

  1. Travelling as a person acting in an official capacity;
  2. Travelling for the purpose of supporting wildfire suppression activities;
  3. Travelling to or from his or her principal residence, that is not under an evacuation order;
  4. Travelling to or from his or her private or leased property for the purposes of accessing his or her secondary residence or recreational property, that is not under an evacuation order; or,
  5. Using a highway as defined in the Highway Act (e.g. Hwy 52).

The order applies to crown land within the geographic boundary outlined below and shown on the map.

South Boundary: Commencing at the junction of Hwy 52 and Redwillow Branch FSR (Point #1: (W)120°14.56′ (N)54°56.79′) travel 24.6 km @ a bearing of 89.4° to the northern shore of Hambrook Lake (Point #2: (W)120°37.55′ (N)54°56.69′).

West Boundary: Commencing at Point #2, travel 29.8 km @ a bearing of 179° to the junction of All Weather Road ‘00285’ and Road Permit ‘R08539-Y’ (Point #3: (W)120°40.29′ (N)55°12.65′).

North Boundary: Commencing at Point #3, travel 27.5 km @ a bearing of 269.2° to the junction of Hwy 52 and Kiskatinaw Pit Road (Point #4: (W)120°12.31′ (N)55°12.83′). Then travel north along Hwy 52 to the northern boundary of survey parcel ‘DL 416’ (Point #5: (W)120°06.28′ (N)55°19.71′).

East Boundary: Commencing at Point #5, travel east along northern boundary of survey parcel ‘DL 416’, follow the northern boundary of ‘DL 333’, then follow along the western and southern boundary of ‘DL 411’, continuing south along the western boundary of survey parcels ‘DL 410’ ‘DL 409’ ‘DL 407’ ‘DL 401’ ‘DL 312’ ‘DL 400’ ‘DL 402’ ‘DL 403’ and ‘DL 404’ to the south western corner of ‘DL 404’ (Point #6: (W)120°04.25′ (N)55°14.58′). From Point #6, travel 2.1 km @ a bearing of 155.4° to the end of All Weather Road ‘03729’ (Point #7: (W)120°03.43′ (N)55°13.56′). Then travel south along All Weather Road ‘03729’ to ‘00287’ and then continue along Road Permit ‘R23489’ to where it intersects with All Weather Road ‘00288’ (Point #8: (W)120°01.78′ (N)55°07.34′). Travel 23.9km @ a bearing 34.7° to Point #1.

Failure to comply with Section 11 restricted area requirements may result in a violation ticket for $1,150.

Please note: The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) has also issued an Evacuation Order for the area surrounding the community of Kelly Lake. More information is available on the PRRD website.

Highway 52 (Heritage Highway) is heavily impacted by smoke ahead of the advancing fire and is closed until further notice. Please check DriveBC for updates on the highway status and plan your travels accordingly.


Battleship Complex Information Team
BC Wildfire Service
Ministry of Forests
778-362-6087 | BCWS.BattleshipInformation@gov.bc.ca