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Fix a Leak Week – March 12 -18

Water leakage from running toilets, dripping taps and old pipes means that we’re not making the best use of our water resources. Fix a Leak Week, part of the WaterSense® program, aims to bring awareness to these leaks and thereby encourage individuals and water providers to take action.

With the potential to cut your home water use by 30%, fixing leaks can mean big savings in water, energy use and money. Follow the Fixing Leaks at Home guidance to learn how to find and repair leaks yourself. To save even more water and money around your home, take the BC Living Water Smart Home Water Assessment.

Water distribution systems are another major source of water leakage – according to Environment Canada, in some systems, up to 30% of municipal water is unaccounted for. The Province of British Columbia and local governments have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in renewing water and wastewater infrastructure to help communities improve water conservation and water use efficiency through programs such as the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program, the B.C. Community Water Improvement Program and Towns for Tomorrow

Many towns in B.C., including Port Edward and Port McNeill, have also tapped into the joint federal-provincial Building Canada Fund to improve their water distribution systems. Currently, Canada’s Gas Tax Fund provides long-term funding to local governments and other organizations to help revitalize public infrastructure resulting in cleaner air, cleaner water or reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Asset management programs, which include planning for and financing the repair and replacement of waterlines, are also key to reducing water losses from deteriorating infrastructure. You can help to reduce distribution system leakage too by installing a water meter at home so that leaks can be detected as soon as possible.

With summer just around the corner, every drop counts in reducing water shortages and water use restrictions. By fixing your leaks, you’ll be saving water, energy and money!

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